October 2012 News

riser pipe joints

Completed riser pipe joints being rolled through the inspection station at Socotherm LaBarge in Channelview, Texas.

Eight feet of cutback

Eight feet of cutback from the coupling to the insulation to allow use of conventional casing handling tools during installation. The yellow coloring of the pipe is due to thermally sprayed aluminum (TSA) used to provide a tougher layer of corrosion protection in the region of the pipe prone to scarring and scratching during deployment.

Coupling covers crated and stowed

Coupling covers crated and stowed within one of the 20-foot shipping containers.

reel drive system (RDS)

The reel drive system (RDS) prepares to be transported from Obled-Sacsum at Valenciennes, France to a nearby barge on the Scheldt River.

RDS Scheldt River

A crane lifts the RDS from a truck to a barge on the Scheldt River.