July 2013 News

MCV Shore Base

Guests at the MCV Shore Base announcement event on July 23 took a bus tour to see where MWCC’s MCV processing equipment will be stored, maintained and tested at Kiewit Offshore Services in Ingleside, Texas. MWCC will store the modular processing facilities for the MCVs and the centerpiece of the containment systems, the capping stacks, at this location.

MWCC SURF Shore Base

Flexible reel offloading at the MWCC SURF Shore Base at Core Industries, in Theodore, Alabama.

MCV Shore Base announcement event

Pictured left to right at the MCV Shore Base announcement event: Carmine Dulisse, MWCC HSE Officer; Astley Blair, MWCC CFO; Charlie Miller, MWCC CTO; Fuat Sezer, Kiewit Offshore Services President; Rep. J.M. Lozano, Texas House of Representatives; Judge Terry Simpson, San Patricio County Judge; Marty Massey, MWCC CEO; and Don Armijo, MWCC COO.