Marine Well Containment Company Announces Management Team

HOUSTON, TX, February 17, 2011 –The Marine Well Containment Company today announced its newly formed management team. The company is a not-for-profit, independent organization founded by ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell, which is committed to providing rapid response equipment to contain a potential future underwater well control incident in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

The company has appointed Marty Massey as chief executive officer. Formerly U.S. joint interest manager for ExxonMobil Production Company, Massey will lead the management team and operations of the Marine Well Containment Company, with headquarters in Houston. ”Our objective is to ensure that the well containment response system is in a state of continuous operational readiness to facilitate rapid deployment and response in the event that it is required,” Massey said.

Dan Smallwood, formerly operations manager of Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana for ConocoPhillips, has been named chief operating officer for the company.

Astley Blair, formerly division finance officer for Chevron Global Supply and Trading, has been appointed as chief financial officer.

Charles Miller, formerly vice president production, Shell Brazil Ltda., has been named chief technology officer.

Carmine Dulisse, formerly security and emergency preparedness and response manager, ExxonMobil Development Company, has been named health, safety, and environment officer.

Massey announced that the company is working with Gulf of Mexico operators to encourage their participation. In addition to the founding companies, BP is also a member.


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